Master Bred Arabians

... Azaz Shaklan ...

I, Johnny Johnston, horse photographer of many years, have looked at, studied many, many horses.

I truly believe myself fortunate enough to have seen a lot, if not most, of the great ones.

My recommendation concerning this horse - Azaz Shaklan - is to give him your MOST critical attention.

This thirteen year-old Arabian stallion is - as you will personally observe- correct, and as sound as I have ever seen. He looks like a true athlete of the highest caliber.

As all horsemen will tell you, correct structure supports true athleticism. Azaz is replete with the characteristics that make the Arabian Horse unique: Small typey ears, extremely broad skull, large luminous eyes, small muzzle, a short strong skull and a naturally clean throat latch.

Part of the universal appeal of the Arabian Horse is that one never tires of looking at them. That seems to be their main sales appeal - you NEVER tire of looking at them. Azaz Shaklan is a great example of the Arabian as "living art."

As far as the skeletal structure, Azaz's photos exhibit the legs, neck and body, as well as any I have ever seen.

I highly recommend this stallion to any breeder wanting, or needing, to breed to a truly top example of the breed.

Johnny Johnston.