Master Bred Arabians

What We Do

The MBA-I Breeding Program:

Ever wonder why some breeding combinations produce show stoppers and others produce backyard pets? There's nothing wrong with a backyard pet, but if you want to breed the best, you need to know what the best is. You'll need to research bloodlines, select specific sires and dams based on the goals of your breeding program, implement the breeding process and market the horse.

Do you have the time and expertise to do that? Do you know some, but not enough? Do you understand that every physical trait, from ear shape to hoof color, is governed by the horse's genes? Do you know how to mix and match bloodlines to better produce champions?

Whether you are a first time breeder or an experienced one, Lee Dougherty and Jason Roemer, proven Arabian bloodstock consultants, are here to help.

The MBA-I Breeding Program truly is a powerful breakthrough in Arabian Horse Breeding.

The MBA-I Breeding Program is proven and works for:

  • Halter
  • Performance
  • Racing

The MBA-I Equine Breeding Program is also available and can work for:

  • Sport Horses
  • National Show Horses
  • Half Arabians
  • Anglo Arabians

In Summary...

The MBA-I Breeding Program is really all about our producing...

Exceptional, Prepotent, Predictable ... Master Bred Arabian (MBA-I)

"Stellar" and "Star" Pedigreed Breeding Animals.

Team MBA-I is here to enhance and strengthen your present breeding program with "MBA-I Pedigree Power"... The Arabian Horse Industry's only five-star breeding program with planned generational continuity.

MBA-I Bloodstock Agent Services

Team MBA-I are literally global matchmakers... We match each MBA-I client with the right horse. Our job is to find the right horse to match our client's goals or needs. We locate horses that meet their specifications and that are the best that they can afford. We research pedigrees. Decide which horses are the best ones - at first on paper. Then we check our the horses. Team MBA-I prides iteself... in acquiring "the best for the best".

MBA-I Equine Acquisition Services

Locating the right horse takes time, effort, and a comprehensive understanding of what each client needs. If you are confused about the horse acquisition process or if you need someone to evaluate the candidates, contact Lee or Jason.

We offer a full service equine acquisition program. According to your needs, we can assist you over the phone, via the internet, or in person to locate the ideal horse according to your wants or needs.

The MBA-I Acquisition services include everything from...

  • Thoroughly seraching advertisements for specific horses for sale... to...
  • Overseeing the buying process

Acquiring an equine can be risky, and you defintely do not want to be stuck with a horse that you are not able to ride or sell.

Team MBA-I found the key to selecting exceptional Arabian horses lies not within the price, but within the quality and effort. We do not follow other bloodstock agents around buying what is hot. We find that prices are driven up ad horses are often purchased for two or three times their value.

Team MBA-I looks to buy the finest bred show horses, best athlestes, or brood stock we can located and ignore those that are over-priced. In short...we buy the best Arabian within our clients budget.

MBA-I Sales and Marketing

Team MBA-I has found that the formula for success in this very unique MBA-I Program is breeding and / or acquiring the finest in quality of these special Arabian horses...and then simply selling the best to the best.

The team's marketing program consists of everything they have to do to reach and persuade MBA-I prospects. It consists of research, advertising, public relations, brand marketing, viral marketing and direct mail.

The team's sales process is everything they have to do to close the sale and get a signed agreement or contract. This is an interpersonal interaction. It is often done by a one-on-one meeting, cold calls, and networking. It is anything that engages a team member with the prospect or customer on a personal level rather than at a distance.

The key then to success in Team MBA-I's Marketing and Sales Program is balance... Keeping everything moving and revolving at an even keel...and in the end, placing the finest Arabian horses (MBA-I horses) with the finest Arabian horse enthusiast .. the Team MBA-I clients.

Team MBA-I Equine Consulting Services

Our business is devoted to helping all equine enthusiasts in this multi-billion dollar industry to succeed.

Here Are Some Of The Programs We Will Be Happy To Customize For You And Yours:

  • Equine Business Planning
  • Horse Evaluation
  • Premeier Breeding Program
  • Equine Acquisition
  • Marketing Program
  • Equine Lifestyle

MBA-I Promotional Services

Team MBA-I Along With The MBA-I Business Associates Offers Full Services Fill Your Many Equine Promotional Needs

  • Logo Design
  • Business Cards
  • Stallion Cards
  • Equine Logo Wear
  • Equine Photography
  • Website Design
  • Web Hosting
  • Print Ad Design
  • Web Ad Design