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(SA) DS Tomcat

(SA) SJ Space Sensation x (SA) SJ Tango's Dream Girl

(SA) DS TOMCAT is...

  • One of the most beautiful Saddlebred stallions ever to be imported from South Africa to the USA

  • Arguably of the most beautiful American Saddlebreds in this country today

  • The current South African Stallion in hand Champion... Quite obviously South African judges recognized TOMCAT's beauty and presence on the two occasions he showed in-hand, he won the South African Yearling Championship and, four years later, he won the South African National Grand Championship Stallion title.

  • In training to be shown in the Fine Harness division

  • A very kind horse with a great disposition...A very quiet stallion

  • Loaded with chrome to match his "look at me attitude"

  • 16.1 hands...Has a neck that seems to go on forever

  • Putting a lot of leg on any horse. He should knick well with any kind of mare

  • A GREAT cross with Arabian mares to produce the ...National Show Horse

  • A GREAT cross with Arabian mares to produce the...Half Arabian

  • A GREAT outcross stallion for American Saddlebred mares

  • Line bred Scandals Last Tango who was sire of the hugely successful imported sire Tangos Weepee

  • Standing at Singing Hills Stable in Shelbyville, Kentucky...which also houses some of TOMCAT's offspring

  • Co-owned by Pieter Hugo ...who coincidentally is the Managing Director of four very exciting international equine publications:

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