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The information ... (suggestions / requirements) on this page is provided
to help you so that our services are more successful for you and yours.

  • Include photos

    Most people looking to purchase an Arabian horse won't even consider or look at an ad that doesn't have a photo attatched to it.

    Include a maximum of SIX PROFESSIONAL-QUALITY FULL-RESOLUTION PHOTOS (the more the better) of the horse you intend to market in order to generate buyer interest.

    Some photos you may want to include:

    • Head shot
    • Side view
    • Rear view
    • Action shot (jumping, on the trail, etc.)
    • Conformation shot
    • Under-saddle shot (if applicable)

    Show off every angle and stride to highlight the best features of your Arabian.

  • Include Videos

    Videos are perhaps the most essential online tool for selling your Arabian Horse. Quality videos are essential to provide buyers a clear idea of your horse's:

    • Form
    • Movement
    • Manners
    • Personality

    Marketing tests prove that an ad with video does a much better job of showing off your Arabian horse and motivating a buyer make the purchase over an ad with only photos. Videos have increased conversions by nearly 50 percent.

    If appropriate and possible, have your Stallion or Sale Horse in a show halter or other proper tack for either of the above shoots.

  • Copy of your horse's pedigree or AHR Registration papers

Please have all items ready before you begin the MBA-I registration process. Your ad will be posted promtply once all registration items are received. All documents may be submitted by postal mail or email.

Send all postal mail to:

Master Bred Arabians
7801 88th Ave Lot #314
Pleasant Prairie, WI 53158

Send all email to

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