Master Bred Arabians

Master Breeders Alliance

Due to a definite need, Team MBA-I (Lee and Jason) have established The Arabian Horse "Master Breeders Alliance"... an organization dedicated to the promotion of Arabian horses that have been bred and then classified through the winning ways of the Master Breeder's now proven beliefs as well his pedigree guidelines.

We more than realize that MBA-I Breeding Program is not for everyone. It is not a replacement for the worthwhile efforts of the majority of breeders whose interests lie in developing perfection in the Arabian horse by combining various bloodlines.

Still, and beyond this, by following The Master Breeder's beliefs and techniques MBA-I is able to introduce and reintroduce, for specific reasons, various great mares and stallions to the bloodlines by utilizing the "MBA-I MAP" as well as the "MBA-I Outcross".

The popularity of MBA-I continues to expand breeder at a time. For this expansion, dedicated to the planned quality as well as conserving classic charismatic beauty and the impressive function of this regal creature (The Master Bred Arabian) to occur in a more orderly fashion Team MBA-I has as part of the Master Breeders Alliance...inaugurated...

  • MBA-I Progressive Stewardship
  • MBA-I Preservation Breeding

Such MBA-I efforts will serve as a means by which these unique and specific 'types' of Arabian horses can be perpetuated and preserved.

MBA-I Progressive Stewardship

Regarding stewardship...celebrated American naturalist, William Beebe had this to say..."When the last individual of a race of living things breathes no more, another Heaven and another Earth must pass before such a one can be again." These explicit words of Mr. Beebe certainly point out our need to be responsible stewards with definite forward guardianship when it comes to our beloved Arabian horses.

Regarding her wonderful stallion...Imperial Imdal... A special friend and certainly in her own right a Master Breeder ...Barbara Vallee said this... "I feel that our care of Arabian horses is not ownership, it's stewardship. In a hundred or two hundred years, no one is going to remember me, but people may appreciate that this horse was permitted to make a worldwide contribution to the breed." In case you are wondering...If Imperial Imdal were with us today...he would easily fit in with the current cadre of MBA-I Select Stallions and Team MBA-I would be honored to have him these winners.

We invite you to join the Master Breeders Alliance and help forward the guardianship of these "special MBA-I issues" of "The Proud Breed".

MBA-I Preservation Breeding

The MBA-I goal of Preservation Breeding is to keep for posterity... those hereditary factors, characters, and traits which help to make Master Bred Arabians so unique and / or different than other Arabian horses--in short, to preserve their genes for the future. MBA-I Preservation Breeding then carries the unspoken assumption that the "preserved genes" may benefit in the future numerous other Arabian horse breeders world-wide.

Please consider this statement 'Extinction is forever and it can happen to bloodlines as easily as species.'

Team MBA-I would be honored to have you join us in the Master Breeders Alliance and together do what we can to preserve and promote ... The Master Bred Arabian Horse.