Master Bred Arabians

The Master Bred Arabian

The term master bred  is based on a legendary 19th century breeder... The Master Breeder... who lived in another country and dealt with another breed. He never invested a lot of money in stock and never kept very many broodmares, yet was considered one of the most successful breeders of all time. The Master Bred system developed and used by Lee Dougherty and Jason Roemer will help you achieve your goals and also arm you with the knowledge you need to make decisions in the future... just as his findings did for the original renowned Master Breeder.

Master Bred Arabians are specially bred fillies, mares, colts, stallions and geldings. They are truly an elite group, made so by careful selection and pedigree research conducted by Lee and Jason. These Arabians, who's pedigrees earn the Master Bred classification of either Stellar  or Star  signify the best of the breed, not just the current national champion or popular breeding program. They represent decades, even centuries of research and proven combinations of bloodstock, resulting in valuable additions to any owner's show string or breeding stock.

How do I get one?

You can purchase a Master Bred Arabian that has been fully researched and classified by contacting Lee Dougherty or Jason Roemer. You can also find out if your colt, filly, mare or stallion meets the Master Bred Arabian criteria by contacting Lee or Jason. Should your horse achieve that classification (which is based on special selection and pedigree), he or she will join the exclusive list of those Master Bred Arabians more suitable for breeding.

You can also breed a Master Bred Arabian by having Lee or Jason research and make recommendations about your selections.


"I am very impressed with your ideas and your MBA program. I believe this will infuse a strong new breath of life into some tired old formulas."

Pam O'Connell
Equine Photographer & Breeder