Master Bred Arabians

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Lee S. Dougherty

Lee, the founder and CEO of MBA Arabians International, began learning about and riding horses on his grandfather's farm in the early 1940 s. He started riding and showing his own horses since 1949. In 1950, he began a long-time relationship with Arabian horses when his parents acquired twin Half-Arabians which he trained and showed.

Dougherty pursued undergraduate and graduate degrees in Agriculture and Science. He has been teaching various Sciences, Agriculture and Technology classes since 1959.

He has spent an inordinate amount of time researching Arabian bloodlines. This coupled with an ever growing extreme passion for great horses as well as his very inquisitive mind have led him to some extraordinary findings ... findings which eventually were shaped into what is now known as the multi-faceted ... MBA International (A Premier Breeding / Acquisition Marketing / Sales and Promotion Program) MBA-I is an entity so designed to always be striving for excellence / perfection ... "The Ideal" ... Master Bred Arabian that is exotically beautiful as well as having exceptional and multi performance capabilities.

Jason Roemer

Jason joined MBA-I as Lee's protege well over a decade ago. They met when Jason became one of Lee's Technology Education students. Their family's have became close friends.

Over the years, Jason assisted Lee with a great deal of research and development. He created a total of three MBA websites, always improving and upgrading as the went.

Because of his fine upbringing, helping people is a natural for Jason. He too has acquired a strong passion for fine Arabian horses... these two distinguishing qualities form a natural for his special involvement in MBA-I.

Our Personal Values

Team MBA-I Feels their values...they feel that their personal values form the cornerstones of all that they do, think, believe and accomplish.

This special team feels the necessity of fostering high standards of ethics. We produly maintain our reputation of honesty, fairness, and integrity.

Lee and Jason accept the responsibility for and strive to retain the greatest respect and trust of all of our MBA-I

Lee riding in the early 1950's